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Near Shading: Irradiance Loss v6.52 vs v6.63


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Hi All,

Yes I am using backtracking.

I am trying to understand why there is a difference in the Near Shading: Irradiance Loss of -1.7% in v6.52 verses -9.1% in v6.63. I have examined everything from preferences and hidden preferences through the shading scene looking for any setting that could account for such a large difference in the simulated results. This is a Single Axis Tracker Grid Connected project. Do you have any insight on where to look?

Thanks in advance

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Are you using backtracking ?

There were indeed several issues in the version 6.52, for tracking systems in some special configurations (pairs of 2 trackers, axis orientation). I should have a look on your project to identify the exact reason.

But to my knowing the result of the V 6.63 should be correct.

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