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Unlimited 2D Shed Model For Bifacial


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Hi Andre,

I have been playing around with the Unlimited 2D shed model for bifacial applications. I generated some plots using the tool to try and optimize the module configuration. (plotted the tilt (0-90) at different azimuth) as shown on the attachment. The y-axis shows "fraction of global back/globinc". So is this essentially ratio of rear/front irradiance? or is it rear/total(front+rear) irradiance?

and is it the average fraction over a year? or is it for the time set on the left side of the tool?




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These curves show irradiance on the rear side, with respect to GlobInc. These are the result of a full year simulation for your meteo data.

NB: We estimate that the Bi-facial model is suited for tilts up to, say, 35 to 40°. We don't know to which extent it remains valid for higher values.

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