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Temperature Losses


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As mentioned in the help, we propose a model (energy balance) for the determination of the PV module temperature during the simulation, but we don't have assessed values for the parameters.

The parameters Uc and Uv are to be specified by the user. They are highly dependent on the layout of the system and the wind measured values (just above the plant or meteorological at 10m). But we don't avail of reliable long-term measurements for these parameters in any conditions (free, insulated, with air duct, as function of the tilt, etc). The only values proposed are according to my own measurements on 2 or 3 installations, or the values proposed by a third party in the US for free-standing disposition:

Uc = 25 W/m²·k, Uv = 1.2 W/m²·k / m/s

But I am not able to provide evolution as a function of the tilt angle.

To my mind, theoretical air circulation thermal models may help, but are not sufficiently reliable.

This should be measured on-site (the parameters may be extracted from long-term measurements of TAmb, Tarray, Ginc and Vind velocity).

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