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Night losses decrease with simulation year/module degradation


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When looking at the hourly data for multiple years, Y5, Y10, Y15 etc. the losses at night time decrease as the degradation increases. I believe the night consumption should not change as this is independent of the array power. The night consumption is set in the .ond file, and no auxiliaries have been defined, as the auxiliary losses for the inverter are included in the efficiency curve. Is night consumption calculation dependent on array power and/or inverter efficiency and is this why I am getting this result?

Also, the night consumption for the first night (1/01/1990 12am-5am) is always the night consumption value obtained when running a simulation for Y0 (no degradation) regardless of the year of degradation that was set for that simulation. All other nights change to the varying value discussed above. I believe all nights should be the same as Y0 rather than changing?

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