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Pnom ratio is wrong

Adrien Piro

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Does someone know why the Pnom ratio in the System tab is comlpetely off and does not let me pursue the simulation?


My DC capacity is 13.180 MWp.

My AC capacity is 10 MWAC.

Hence the DC/AC ratio is 1.31.

PVsyst think says the DC/AC ratio is 164.75...

As a result I am not able to completethe simulation.

If anyone had the same issue and knows how to fix it, please help.



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I can't explain this, and I can't reproduce such a behavior.

- Which version of PVsyst are you using ?

- Please try to change the PV module (it is a customized one, perhaps with a bad parameter?)

- Please try to change the Inverter model (same remark).

If the problem persists, please send us your project, using "Files > Export project" in the main menu, to support@pvsyst.com. Please join the PAN and OND files used in this example.

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