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Power Factor Support in PVsyst


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I wanted to get an understanding of how power factor support is provided in PVsyst. I ran 2 cases (for same system design and loss assumptions with only difference being, case 1: had leading power factor of 0.98 and case 2 had leading power factor support of 0.95) to check the power factor feature in PVsyst and found that the apparent power output in both cases is different, which I would have thought to be same. I have attached the waterfall page for both cases for reference. Please let me know why is the apparent power difference in both cases and is PVsyst accounting for power factor support correctly.


Case 2: 0.95 pf


Case 1: 0.98 pf

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Hello, I have a question on PF implementation and thought I would keep it in this post.

I have a Power Electronics central inverter which requires a 0.97 lagging PF. In PVsyst, do I select "limit in active power", or "limit in apparent power" on the "Grid Power Limitation" tab? Inverter Pnom is defined as apparent power.

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