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Soiling table does not print correctly

Adrien Piro

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I have some issues with the soiling table in the final PVsyst report. It does not print correctly as shown on the below picture.

Two comments:

- This is a PVsyst issue because the issue comes even beforehand printing with the PDF printer while clicking on the "Report" button

- I heard the same complaint from colleagues so it seems to be a general issue


If you have any clue why this happens please let me know.


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Depending on what version of PVsyst you are using, you need to adjust the text size of your monitor to make this table appear correctly. For instance, from version 6.6.3 to about 6.7.0 I needed to set my text size to "Smaller - 100%". I have recently been having this same issue reappear and needed to switch the text size to "Medium - 125%".

Switching text size is simple. Right click on your desktop background and choose "Screen Resolution". Once this opens choose "Make text and other items larger or smaler" (see image below). Switch your radio button and but be aware: your computer may make you log off to make the change. Make sure to have everything saved before doing this!


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