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Modifying Multiple Objects


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Often we need to make adjustments to tree heights once survey data has come back. After having performed an initial topo survey, created a ground object based off this data, and dropped trees and panels onto the ground object, it can become tedious and time consuming to then go through and update every tree or other objects individually.

It would be useful and efficient if all of the parameters for a tree (or some other object like parallelepiped) were available in the modify objects menu (when selecting multiple objects). These fields already exist individually, and perhaps just need to be linked to this menu. That way, when certain objects need to be adjusted in in some way but remain in the same location or keep other parameters fixed, one or more fields can be modified in the parameter(s) needed and have the others kept constant. Currently, it looks as though PVsyst accepts the new height (for example when modifying a tree) and distributes the change across all of the parameters.



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