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Measured Data Analysis


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I am trying to run a measured data analysis on a 4-hour dataset. The file import procedure produced no problems, and this was confirmed by viewing the data tables.

However, when running the simulation, nothing appears to be calculated. When I click on "Predef. graphs" to view the comparison analysis, the software crashes with an access violation at 00603EFA.

I am currently using 5.60. Previous comparisons were conducted successfully with earlier versions of PVsyst.

How can I complete this analysis?

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I don't know exactly what you are doing.

PVsyst cannot treat data of less than one day. If so the missing hours of the day will be filled by zero values.

But in the Comparison tool (if you are using it) it is possible that the 4-hour sample leads to a crash.

Please let me know the details of your problem (screenshot of the whole screen) when the error occurs.

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