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Run simulation from console (or terminal)


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Hi, we are evaluating the use of PVsyst in our simulations. In order to connect PVsyst with other software, we would like to know if it is possible to run simulations from the console, without opening the interface.

Usually in simulation software a case is stored in text files. We would set a case and then modify the file as we need. Then, we need to simulate the modified case with an order like this:

> PVsyst.exe inputFile.in

Is it possible to do it?



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Hi André,

thank you for the reply. Are there plans to make it possible? it is not necessarily an API, but the possibility of running the case from the command line. The pre and post-processing would be done with Python (reading and writing files, performing calculations, storing files in a predefined format). For example, in Trnsys is possible to do it using the following commands (textual answer from the Trnsys forum)


Both TRNSYS and PreBid can be called from the Windows command prompt.

If TRNSYS is installed in C:\Trnsys15 and you want to run a deck called MyDeckFile.dck which is in X:\MyFolder, the command line is:

"C:\Trnsys15\Trnsys.exe" "X:\MyFolder\MyDeckFile.dck"

If you don't want to have to click on "Yes-No" at the end of each simulation, you can use the /n switch. The command line is:

"C:\Trnsys15\Trnsys.exe" "X:\MyFolder\MyDeckFile.dck" /n


PVsyst is very well evaluated by the solar community. We would really like to use it in our simulations. Please let us know if there are plans to make it possible.

Best regards,


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