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Importing empty field for quadratic factor BRev!!


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When importing a row from the PVsyst Excel PAN file database to generate a PAN file, if the field for the quadratic factor BRev is left empty, the value of BRev in the PAN file will result in 3.2 mA/V^2 regardless of the module's Isc.

I do not know what this value of 3.2 represents, but I believe it should be using the default BRev parameter that is specified in the Hidden Parameters for PV Modules, as follows:

Quadratic factor BRev [mA/V^2] = 1.2 * Isc,

where 1.2 is the default BRev parameter listed in units of [mA/V^2]/Isc in the Hidden Parameters for PV Modules.

Thus, if BRev is left empty in the Excel spreadsheet for a module that has an Isc of 8.986 A, I believe the value of BRev in the PAN file should be 1.2 * 8.986 = 10.7832 mA/V^2 after importing, not 3.2 mA/V^2

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You are right, the default value of this parameter is not well managed in PVsyst.

However this parameter is not known accurately (only measured by myself on a very old module, 20 years ago), but it doesn't have any significant impact in the PV module modelling.

The only effect in the simulation would be an imperceptible difference in the electrical losses, only when one only cell is shaded in a sub-array. As soon as several cells are shaded, the resulting difference is null.

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