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Creating Site in PVsyst vs. Meteonorm


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I am creating a new location using given coordinates, and on PVsyst, it gives satellite data from 1957-1988, but when I create the same site in Meteonorm, it gives satellite data from 1998 - 2000.

A) How can there be satellite data from 1957- 1988?

B) Is the data in meteonorm itself more recent than the data from meteonorm in PVsyst?

FYI -- I am using updated versions of both softwares (MN 7.2, PVsyst 6.6.2)


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I am really aestonished about the Satellite data of 1957... This was just the year of the launching of the first satellite Sputnik (which was just able to send bip-bip-bip to the earth) !!!

Are you sure you have read this in Meteonorm data ? For which site ???

Now the DLL presently imbedded in PVsyst (V6.62) is Meteonorm V 7.1. You can have slight differences with the nes Meteonorm V 7.2, as the models and database have been improved.

Please have a look on the documentation on www.meteonorm.com.

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