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DAE file import bug in 6.63 version


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after upgrading to 6.63 ver. we experienced a problem importing collada .DAE files.



Impoted DAE in ver. 6.62


Same DAE in ver. 6.63


As you can see , the same file is imported wrongly in 6.63 so we had to downgrade to 6.62 to keep working.

As a side note, all DAE or 3DS files exported from Sketchup are imported as they had the azimuth of the whole scene rotated by 180 degrees in all versions, is this another bug or it is intentional?

Best regards

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It is not a "looks" problem. The geometry is completely different.

Please look at these two pictures, they are of the same model taken in front view and parallel view (not perspective).

If needed I could send you the DAE file to try for yourself.


Version 6.62


Version 6.63


By the way, what about my other question in the same post? Any suggestions?

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