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External Transformer Losses


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I am having some PVsyst hourly analysis data issues I was hoping you could lend some advice on. I am currently running into this issue for multiple projects and its affecting our financial model. The losses are coming from the transformer and when the system is off at night we are receiving the losses in PVsyst because power is still being used by the system to power monitor systems, security lights, etc. There is an option in PVsyst under 'PV field detailed losses parameter' - 'Ohmic Losses', if I leave the ‘Night Disconnect’ unchecked the losses from the transformer do not show up when i extract the hour hourly kwh data file (CSV). Would anyone suggest to leave this box unchecked, or are there any other options to mitigate this loss in PVsyst, and why? Are there any external mechanism that can shut off transformer when the system is not on, and will they still provide power to power the systems needed at night for the sight? Thank you for the help.
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This loss corresponds to the iron loss of the transformer, it is proportionnal to the voltage applied to the secondary.

It occurs during the full time, when the transformer is connected to the High Voltage grid.

Now if you have a switch between the output of the inverter and the high-voltage line, which is open during night, you can check this option.

Otherwise you shouldn't of course.

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