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Ageing and LID.


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A question about ageing of modules and LID:

LID (Light Induced Degradation) is a loss of performances arising in the very first hours of exposition to the sun.

The PV module degradation gives rise to a progressive loss of efficiency, which we will characterize by a "Degradation Loss factor".

Do you have to start considering degradation as soon as the modules are exposed to the sun or as soon as the modules start producing energy (i.e.: connected to the grid)?

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But, what about if you want to know (1) the PR of a PV Plant as soon as the installation is finished, let's say, three months after the first exposition to the sun of the modules? And then, (2) produced energy for the first year.

Then we should:

(1): consider only LID.

(2): consider LID + ageing for the first year

Is that right?

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