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How PVsyst treats the specified "maximum" power of inverters ?

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The nominal power Pnom is the maximal output ac power of the inverter in any conditions.

Some manufacturers define a maximum power Pmax , which is the maximum power attainable under specific conditions (they sometimes say "half an hour", but it is probably related to the temperature of the inverter). Now this temperature is very difficult to estimate, this would require a complete knowing of the environment of the inverter, ventilation conditions, etc. This is not done in PVsyst, and therefore the maximum power cannot be taken into account.

By the way in "normal" systems correctly sized, this bonus is probably low. And in "strongly oversized array" systems, the maximum output power is detemined by the contractual acceptance of the grid, and this bonus doesn't apply.

NB: perhaps in a future version, PVsyst will be able to take the Pmax value into account for inverters installed ourdoor. This will require additional specifications about thermal behaviour from the manufacturers.

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