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azimuth change due to baseline tilt and ohmic losses


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Hello, I'm running version 6.62 with updated graphics driver and the graphic improvements are great!

However, I think I'm finding two problems.

1) The azimuth change due to baseline tilt seems high. I did an experiment with a single PV table. First I set the azimuth to zero, and the baseline tilt to 9.5 degrees. The resulting azimuth is -24.4. Next, I set the azimuth to -10, and the baseline tilt to 9.5 degrees. The resulting azimuth is -44.4. The net change should be the same for both situations, but it is off by 10 degrees for the -10 starting azimuth. It would be helpful to learn what formula PVsyst is using for this azimuth and tilt adjustment according to starting azimuth, tilt, and baseline tilt. Perhaps there is an error?

2) In this version, 6.62, I am having trouble getting the ohmic loss percentages that I enter for 2 sub-arrays to work when running the model. They keep changing. This applies to both DC and AC ohmic losses.

Thanks very much!


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it seems to me, that the azimuth calculated by PVsyst and shown in the window "Near Shadings definitions, Variant" is faulty, when I use baseline slope for sheds. When I set the module tilt to 90° and the azimuth, for example to 15° the calculated azimuth is 15°. But when I change the base line slope to 1° for example the azimutz is given with 30°.

The problem occurs in 6.62 and 6.63 as well.


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Thank you for the answer.

I tested 6.64 with a simple configuration PV tables as sheds. All is fine, when I create the 3D shading the first time. The correct tilt and azimuth is shown in the column Shadings, when I leave the Construction/Perspective. But, if I modify an existing 3D scene and change for exampel the azimuth this change of the azimuth is not shown, when I leave the construction/perspective. Only after updating the Orientations Parameters with the button Update Orientation Parameters, the values beneath Shadings has been refreshed and shows the correct values.

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