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Building Integrated Photovoltaic facade


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Dear all,

I would like to simulate a building integrated photovoltaic facade that interacts thermally with the building envelope (in some cases with the opaque wall assembly and others with the transparent window; in both cases, PV is the outemost layer of the assembly). Is there any way to properly simulate the PV cell temperatures taking into account that the system is building integrated (and thus, tends to operate at higher PV cell temperatures that a free-standing one)?

Thank you in advance,


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PVsyst is oriented towards PV systems. It doesn't involve a complex building model for the evaluation of the PV modules temperature, which would require a lot of additional paramewter.

However you can import the Array (cell) Temperature in hourly values along with the Meteo data (CSV hourly file). You can therefore create a representative temperature time series using your own models - synchronized with your weather data - in MS EXCEL, for using during the simulation.

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Dear André,

Thank you for the reply. Do you know by any chance if I could edit the coefficients a and b of the King temperature correlation [ Tcell=I*exp(a+b*WS)+Tambient+(I/Io)*ΔT ] on the Sandia model to represent a BIPV installation?

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