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Orientation calculation refurbishment


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we mostly work on large scale solar plants following the shape of the terrain and so having a mix of many orientations.

It is often difficult to separate them in groups keeping the correct ratio for inverters.

It would be great to have a modality in which , during shading table computation, it would also compute the orientation for every single plane and the shadings relative to that orientation. It would probably increase the computation time but we think it would be acceptable anyway. After this it would have to calculate the effective transposition factor for the entire system and allow for mixing several orientations every inverter and actually do it automatically because they would be thousands.

For us, having to wait hours for such a simulation would be acceptable in exchange for accuracy and reality of the simulation.

Best regards


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In the present time, PVsyst can work with one average orientation.

We are preparing (for very soon) the opportunity of defining several average orientations, with tools for the attribution of tables to one or the other orientation.

Now please observe that the orientation (and its averaging) only affects the transposition result. A reasonable mis-orientation or dispersion around an average will not have a too big impact on the accuracy.

The mutual shadings calculations (shading factors) are only based on the system geometrical configuration. They are taken correctly into account, even with orientation dispersions.

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Dear Sir

Hopefully you will be fine and doing well , I want to know about the Azimuth Angle Which We use in System Orientation , if we use zero azimuth then according to PVsyst Panels are faced to South Direction. As shown Bellow in Figure

While If we use 180* Azimuth the it show the direction of Panels Toward North . Why this happening ? If we use any other software there 180* azimuth is used for south Facing and Zero Degree azimuth for North Facing. As shown Bellow

Can you Please Explain us About this Issue of Azimuth angle, hemisphere ? Why this difference exists ?



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I often do simulations of big sites and they require quite a long time to complete the shading calculations in the 3d scene part. It happened that I left them doing it overnight or anyway when Im not around and it can happen that for any reason the computer restarts or switch off suddenly, especially after the calculations are over but before I could save the simulation therefore losing all that work. Could you make it so it would save the shading tables automatically when it finishes calculating it?

On a different but related point: is it possible to make it so heavy 3D scenes dont slow down every other part of the software? Now if I want to change something after importing a big scene, it takes minutes just to open different panels.

Thanks for your time and best regards

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