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How to obtain meteo data other than for 1990 ?

André Mermoud

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In PVsyst, we have taken the convention to label all data which don't correspond to measured data at a given time as 1990.

This is the case, namely, of all Synthetic hourly data, or TMY/DRY datafiles (assemblies of periods of different years).

In most results (tables/graphs) the references labels will appear without year reference (generic year).

The meteonorm data present in the software for any location on the earth are averaged value (over 10 years or more). When using them the software will tell you the years range of these particular data, depending on the region, usually between 1990 and 2010.

The NASA-SSE data of PVsyst are averages of 1983 to 2005 years.

Now if you want to perform simulations for one or several "real" years, you have to get the data of each of these years of course (from another source).

NB: PVsyst is only able to treat data of one year at a time. Several years will give rise to several *.MET files, and several simulation runs.

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