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Module Layout Automatic Filling


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I notice that if my PV areas are bigger than the number of modules I designed, the Module Layout allows the simulation to proceed and does not warn of a discrepancy, as it used to do (it was a very useful error-checking tool).

See the image, quite a few modules are missing from the scene, but the simulation can continue. i think this will have an effect on the shading response of the system.



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Correct, I see the warning now.

I must say though that in V6.5x the functionality was better: we routinely use the module layout functions to verify our designs are correct (there is no other error-checking for this in PVsyst, other than manually counting the modules in the PV areas).

We used to get a message like in the image below, telling us exactly where our discrepancy was. It's a shame to lose that functionality (now we only get a warning telling us we didn't do well, but not what we did...).


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