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Importing h2p file


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I'm currently working on a roof project that I drew in Sketchup with Skelion plugin, and there's an option to export to PVsyst with .h2p file extension. I want to import it to PVsyst to get a more detailed simulation and report but I don't know how. The import project option only accepts .zip files so I zipped it and tried opening it, but it doesn't show the file inside to import it.

Any help appreciated.


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We don't officially support the import from Skelion.

However, you can import H2P files directly in the shading scene using the menu called "File -> Import -> Import a Helios3D file (H2P).

What you can also do if you are using Sketchup is to export your scene from Sketchup as a DAE (Collada) file and then import it in PVsyst 6.62 with the menu "File -> Import -> Import a 3D scene (3DS, DAE)".

If you want to keep your PV fields after the import, go to the "PV objects" tab in the next dialog and select the materials which define the PV faces.

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