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Bifacaility Factor


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I want to use the Bifacial Module feature and so I manually input the specific Bifacial Module I want to use. One of the specificantions that needs to be input is the "bifaciality factor"

In this example I input a "Bifaciality factor" of .834 as shown in the attached "Example Image 1".

After selecting this module in my system parameters, I select the "Bifacial System" to further specify the bifacial parameters. As shown in "Example Image 2" under the "pv array behavior" the "module bifacilaity factor" is shown as 35.7%. This can't be changed, and I assume this is because it is a calculated number.

But my questions are:

1. Why are these "bifaciality factors" different?

2. Is the "module bifaciality factor" based on the albedo? (I tried to change this, and the module bifacaility factor remained the same)

Thank you for your time,

Marcus Graefenhain



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The bifacial system treatment is only valid for a full system, with rather homogeneous PV modules.

In you case you have probably several sub-arrays, with different modules (bi-facial or not): PVsyst will take an average of the bifaciality factors of the different modules, weighted by the respective PnomPV of each Sub-array.

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