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Shading Scene Construction - Crashes/Bugs


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We have a few instances that cause PVsyst to crash while constructing the 3D shading scene.

1. Once the scene is built, choosing "Enable Real-Time Shadows" under the View menu will cause a crash. (The 3D scene consists only of a simple imported *.dae terrain file and a zone-filled array of approx 100 pv planes.)

2. When configuring the zone, choosing "Field Properties" under the tool tab will cause a crash. (Same scene as above.)

One additional inconvenience is that switching from one variant to another, or reloading the project file, loses the 3D shading scene definition. I.e., we need to rebuild the shading scene each time we reload the project file or variant. Otherwise it defaults back to the original orientation parameters each time.

Many thanks for looking into these issues.


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1. We have identified an issue about real-time shadows in big scenes which will be fixed in the next version, please confirm that it doesn't happen anymore when it is released

2. We'll investigate this more in-depth

About the scene not being saved, please make sure that you exit the dialog using the "Close" button or menu. Also make sure that you exit the next dialog by clicking on "OK", if you click "Cancel" here it will not save your changes in the scene.

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Thank you for your response!

In regards to the shade scene not being saved, let me clarify:

We do close the shade scene as described. When we reload the project, the shade scene is not "lost", but rather the program assumes multi-orientations are being used.




Then click OK, and close the project and re-open the project:




Then open near shadings:




"Update Orientation Parameters" changes the Shadings to Multi-Orientation, which we do not want. We want to use the near shadings definition.

Thank you,


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