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3D Import Object and PV-Field


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Hello, I have problems with the Import. I tried with a small plant and there have been no problems but with a larger plant, there are a lot...

What I did:

1) Imported a DAE-3D-file from AutoCAD -> the tables are "objects"

2) Transformed to PV faces

3) Deleted the objects -> just PV-fields

What happens: A lot of warnings like "the object "PV-field #46" is penetrating the PV-field "PV-field#45"." In fact, the distance between the tables is 10 cm (so >2-3 cm)

If i delete this table, it happens somewhere else.

Any hints?



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On 4/25/2017 at 10:19 PM, Sylvain Pepoli said:

You're right I didn't read that the space is 10 cm, sorry.

Can you please send me the scene to support@pvsyst.com ? I'll have a look why this happens.

Could you tell me why and how to avoid that? Thanks!

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