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Solar Irradiance distribution throughout the day


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I'm wondering how does PVsyst distributes the daily irradiation throughout the day hours.


I have 5 kWh/m².day, if I have a 2 m² panel, I'll have 10 kWh/day.

Since PVsyst does hourly estimatimatives, how much am I producing at 9 am, 10 am, 11 am , noon ? I believe it distributes the 5 kWh/m².day in some kWh/m².hour, and in the morning this kWh/m².hour value will be less than the noon's value since the sun is stronger and in a better position, how is this distribution made?

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The hourly values are obviously part of the input Meteo hourly data (*.MET file).

Now if you only avail of monthly values, PVsyst will use a specific model, the synthetic generation.

Please see our FAQ What are the Synthetic hourly data ?

Now for very special uses (especially for sizing tools) PVsyst sometimes uses an approximation which is a distribution established by the Clear day model, eventually renormalized to a required daily value.

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