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Hi, I have some queries about inverter and array sizing. When I choose "Show sizing" button to see 2 diagram as below. In the Power sizing characteristics, there are 4 parameter:

- PV array, Pnom (STC): 47500kWp

- PV array, Pmax (50oC): 46476kWdc

- Inverter, Pnom (AC): 42000kWac

- Inverter, Pmax (25oC): 46200kWac

So how can the array Pmax at 50oC (46476kWdc) be calculated? I use the muPmpp -0.4%/oC but the result is 42750kWdc?


array sizing

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So I got that Pmax(50oC) is the combination of Maximum Global Incident Irradiation (in clear day model) and temperature coefficient?

Then my concern is how can we got the Maximum GlobInc (in clear day model) from Maximum GlobInc value, is there any relation with Clearness index Kt or Best clear day Ktcs?


Maximum GlobInc value

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