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Module Layout Tab - Modules Cannot Be Placed on Tables


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I am having a very serious problem with my copy of PVsyst. I just updated to v6.6 and then v6.61 last week and it has completely broken my module layout tab. After hitting the 'Set Modules' button, none of the modules will be placed on the pv tables. I've attached two screenshots showing the before and after when trying to set the modules. You can see that something is happening in the background because the 'modules assigned to strings' line shows up, but there are still zero modules assigned to tables. I've tested this on multiple projects and it's the same on every one.

I've tried reinstalling PVsyst, but the problem has persisted. Is this potentially a problem with my workspace? I've also now updated a few times on this machine and I'm wondering if there are some old files messing things up.

Please advise me on possible troubleshooting steps.



Before hitting "set all modules"



After hitting "set all modules"

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As an update to my original post:

I spoke with Andre yesterday (4/6/17) via email. He recommended not using the module layout option for systems over 1MW in size due to the length of the resulting simulation. In terms of calculation time, we have found it is okay to use for single axis tracking systems that are using backtracking due to the relatively low shading. Going forward we will utilize the shading according to strings option where appropriate. However, the module layout tab seems to be malfunctioning for all system sizes, not just large ones as shown in my screenshots. This prevents us from being able to tune the "Fraction for Electrical Effect" percentage based on the shading of a smaller subsection of the pv plant.

I have now reverted to v6.5.3 which is working correctly.

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Hello, I'm having exactly the same problem. We have purchased a licence for v6.61 about a month ago and I'm been trying with different system sizes and other alternatives since then, without success. My thanks for the information, looking forward to v6.62.
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