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Clipping loss Evaluation (Inverter Sizing)


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Dear PVsyst experts,

To perform a DC:AC ratio analysis which would be more accurate? To increase the DC fields (number of modules) ou to reduce the AC power (number of inverters) ?

When i choose to reduce the AC power and in order to perform DC:AC ratio steps i use inverters with reduced power, for example, 10 inverters of 100 kW and therefore reduce the number of inverters to make the steps of DC:AC ratio eventhough the actual inverter is only one of 1000 kW.

I noticed that depending on the type of inverter the clipping loss will change significantly when using, for example, 10 inverters of 100 kW instead of 1 inverter of 1000 kW eventhoug their efficiency curves and limitation curves are very similar.

Does anyone have a suggestion why the difference? What would be more appropriate?

Thanks in advance

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