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Far shading and irradiance gain due to angle order


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It probably wouldn't affect the results but I wonder if the far shading loss shouldn't come first in the list instead of the change in irradiance due to POA angle.

My reasoning is that light would be first influenced by the horizon and then by the POA angle. Please feel free to disregard this if it doesn't make sense.

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You are right. This was a fundamental question when I did this difficult choice (perhaps 15-20 years ago).

This was the case in very old versions (up to V 2.2 ?), but this lead to contradictions in the results interpretation and losses evaluation.

However I don't remember exactly which ones, sorry. Probably with irradiance data already including the horizon substraction (i.e. measured data at a given place), when the horizon of the system is not the same.

Or concerning the calculation of the effect on the diffuse component.

NB: With the present choice, the horizon loss is included in the PR evaluation (referenced to the GlobInc value), which is not optimal indeed.

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