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Batch mode - Annual DC ohmic loss


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I am running batch mode on a few different ground coverage ratios for a plant. I have run the plant in both batch mode and the normal simulation mode.

I have noticed that for some reason the annual DC ohmic losses seem to be changing between iterations when simulated in batch mode. When I run the same iterations in the normal simulation mode, then the annual DC ohmic loss stays the same between iterations (as expected). The input DC ohmic loss is the same (2.5% @STC) for each iteration and the AC:DC ratio is also the same:

Iteration, GCR, DC ohmic @STC, AC:DC ratio, Annual DC ohmic loss (batch), Annual DC ohmic loss (normal mode)

Sim_1, 0.25, 2.5%, 1:1.16, 2.11%, 2.10%

Sim_2, 0.30, 2.5%, 1:1.16, 2.47%, 2.10%

Sim_3, 0.33, 2.5%, 1:1.16, 2.74%, 2.10%

Sim_4, 0.35, 2.5%, 1:1.16, 2.92%, 2.10%

I have tried listing DC ohmic @STC as an input in *params.csv to force batch mode to use 2.5%, but I still keep getting these strange annual loss variations for DC ohmic. Could batch mode be overwriting my 2.5% @STC input when the system design and shading scene is loaded for a new simulation?

Happy to provide more information if that will help.



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