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Ohmic Losses - AC circuit wiring

Javier Perez

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Dear all,

I would like to know if the simulation is made taking into account the wiring between the inverter and the transformer and also the wiring between transformer and injection point, or it takes into account only the selected wiring. I mean the simulation could be made with both AC wiring losses or only one of the AC wiring losses, one or the other but, no both at the same time.

Best regards,

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Dear André,

Just for clarification I could chose only one of the two options, but only one. Is correct?

I'm afraid I have another questions regarding the AC ohmic losses.

1.- In scale-utility PV installations, there are normally thee AC voltage levels: LV AC. MV AC and HV AC. So If I want to take into account the ohmic losses until the connection point in the HV level, I should try to add the power losses in MV and HV cabling.

2.- Does PVsyst take into account change in conductor temperature due to the change in current generated?

Best regards.

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Hi All.,

As we aware that, there is AC ohmic losses representation which are from Inverter to Injection Point & Transformer to Injection Point.

if the system design involves LV, MV & HV ohmic losses, then how to consider them in PV system with respect to the above.

Please clarify..

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In the present time, you have the choice of taking the losses into account either before or after the transformer.

We are deeply renewing this feature, and this will be improved in a next version.


André, could you give any information about when is it expected to include this improvement?

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