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Option for simulating three dimensional 2 axis tracking system


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Thank you André for your reply.

I mean only 2-axes tracking ... sorry for using wrong sentence.

I am using free version of PVsyst v-5.60. In which I go through >> Tools >> Solar tool box >> Tables / graphs of solar parameters >> Clear day multi orientation. And I get table with different tilt angles and different azimuth angles. But I need only normal to the plane solar radiation (with tilt angle = 50º as normal plane to the radiation), I mean only 1 column with solar radiation normal (= 50º) to the surface. How is it possible with PVsyst.

Please guide.

Thank you.

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>> Tools >> Solar tool box >> Tables / graphs of solar parameters >> is only a accessory tool, it is not the heart of thre program.

And indeed I did not include the tracking calculations in this (very old) tool. I plan to do that in a "medium" future.

For definig tracking systems, you have to define a full system, i.e. option "Project design".

In the calculation version, button "Orientation", you have the opportunity of defining various kinds of tracking systems.

You can also define tracking systems in the 3D editor, button "Near shadings".

Now I don't understand your request: if you want irradiance "normal to the plane" you can't have a fixed tilt of 50°: at a given time, the plane tilt will be 90° - sun's height.

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