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6.60 version shadings import


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I'm trying the new import possibilities of version 6.60 with DAE files.

I can import the scene with no problems and it shows up very nicely and smoothly but I expected to be able to define which parts are modules (active planes) and which are not. Though I cannot find this function.

Is this possible or, maybe, planned for the future?

Thanks in advance

Best regards


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For now you can switch to realistic view and click on the faces you want to define as PV modules to select them.

In order to select multiple faces you need to hold SHIFT pressed.

If you have many similar modules, you may want to select only one module (be careful to select both triangle faces to make one rectangle) and then click on the "Select -> Select similar faces" menu.

Selected faces are drawn in a lighter red.

Once you have selected your faces you can click on the "Create -> Transform to PV faces" menu and it should create the corresponding PV fields.

In the next version of PVsyst, you will be able to select one or more materials used in the imported model in order to automatically transform faces which have this material.

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Thanks for your reply.

I could transform the faces to pv but then i am not able to properly set the string partition of the arrays. I think it's because they become polygonal instead of sheds.

Any help in this is greatly appreciated.

P.s.: the next version you talk about, when is it coming out? Can we expect it soon to fix minor things of the new version?

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In the next version (6.61), you will be able to select one or more materials from the imported scene (DAE and 3DS) in order to automatically convert the faces to PV fields.

This way you can paint the modules with a material and they will be imported as PV fields in your scene !

This should save up a lot of time.

The next version should be published next monday.

There's currently a display issue not showing the string partition for polygonal fields which will be fixed too.

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