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Near Shadings definition Error

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I am using V6.53 and created single axis tracker 3D model. the Array is made up of many two-row trackers, the minimum for backtracking requirement. i need to do this because elevation between trackers change +-6 inches but i have not implemented this element yet. All the trackers are adjacent to each other with the identical pitch, and using the same dimension module. They are all on the same plane.

When i save the 3D models i get this error notice:


Error capture

Ive repeatedly gone back to correct as noted in the Error, however i cannot find differences between the trackers.,

in the Basic screen: the layout is showing correct parameters across all tracking arrays, and backtracking is activated. the Sensitive PV Area is also correct across all tracking arrays as well as the tracker frame parameters.

in the By modules screen: the orientation changes from landscape to portrait and consequently the number of modules by itself !. I re-enter correct orientation and modules then hit "Adjust to modules".

When i save the shading definition the shading factor Tables is greyed out and the Error repeats. I have saved the shading definition as instructed using the file menu and at times giving it a new name to no success.

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The Table width is a backtracking parameter, which should be identical for all trackers, as it is used in the backtracking calculation.

If you pass from Landscape to Portrait, the table width is probably different, so that the backtracking calculation will be different.

This is not possible in PVsyst where only one tracking orientation is possible.

Now you can probably simulate your system without backtracking, which seems to be not suited for your project (especially if you have altitude differences between your trackers).

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I set all the orientations the same, however the program makes the changes from landscape to portrait all by itself after i save and then try to correct the "error" posted.

Why is it changing orientations? I know that i am saving correctly.

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