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Abhijeet Mhaisne

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Dear Sir,


In ref to PVsyst report.(PVsyst Ver. 6.43)

I am trying to do a simulation for ground mounted MW scale project. Please find my observations on report and provide your comments/Suggestions if any.

1. Earlier i simulated the PVsyst with some loss assumption.

Energy generation -74942MWh/yr

2.On next day i simulated the same PVsyst with same loss assumption, but the energy generation changed to 77204 MWh/yr

We are surprised to find such a big difference in generation figure and suspect a calculation error.

Please revert with your findings.

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Please compare the Loss diagrams for understanding where are the differences.

Now in some very rare cases, it seems that the first simulation of a new variant doesn't take all the specified parameters into account.

However we cannot fix the problem, as we have never reproduced it in our installations. It seems that this was only arising with rather old versions of PVsyst.

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