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Ohmic losses of DC cables at STC with oversized inverter


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Hello PVsyst community.

I'm having an oversized inverter.

For the simulation of ohmic dc losses the input variable is the ohmic losses at STC. Rarray=Ump/Imp.

Do I still have to consider Imp at STC given by the modules datasheet even though beeing aware that Imp will never be reached at STC due to oversizing the inverter.

Thanks for you help!

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The specification of a percentage is just an indicative way of specifying the wiring loss (for showing an order of magnitude when designing your system).

The real parameter used in the simulation is the Wiring Resistance, which is either specified explicitly or estimated from your choice of a percentage in STC conditions.

The energy loss is calculated at each step of the simulation, as Rw * I².

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