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Irradiance input to thermal model


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I am trying to verify/understand which irradiance value is used as an input to the thermal model. I believe it should be effective irradiance, ie the plane of array irradiance with all other losses applied, but it's not clear to me that this is the case.

The language used in the help documentation is "incident irradiance," and the energy balance equation specifies "Ginc." In the 'Simulation variables: meteo, irradiance and PV array' section of the help documentation, I can't find a "Ginc" but rather a "GlobInc," which I understand as plane of array irradiance before any shading or IAM losses are applied.

Can you confirm which irradiance is used in the thermal model?



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Yes indeed, the irradiance on the PV module isw the GlobEff value.

In the Help concerning the array temperature, this is a "simplification" just for explaining that this is the irradiance incident on the PV array, without referring to the details of the simulation (optical effects).

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