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Zero inverter output at high DC voltage


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While working on a project that utilizes SMA Sunny Central 2200 inverters I noticed that each time the input DC voltage exceeds 1000V the inverter outputs becomes zero. Would you be able to provide some insight on why is would be happening as I would think that if the input voltage exceeds the MPPT voltage range then the losses would increase but this should not shutdown the inverter completely. I have attached the screenshot of 8760 for reference. Also, I used the standard PVsyst OND file (for V6.52) to run this case.



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Thanks for answering my question. Does this mean that PVsyst considers Vmpp max. as the "Absolute max. PV Voltage" (please see the attached snapshot for reference)? If I am correct then an inverter would go to a complete shut down if the input DC voltage exceeds the "Absolute max. PV Voltage". During the voltage window between Vmpp max. and "Absolute max. PV Voltage" the inverter would operate in a manner that you explained (with power loss of (Pmpp - Pnom(dc) during that hour). Please let me know if this is not the case.


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