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365.25 day simulation


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I was wondering if future versions of PVsyst might allow for 365.25 day simulations to be performed? This would allow for one simulation/report to better project the production of a system over it's warranted lifetime (say, 20 years). I understand that it is currently possible to model a 365 day year on one report and a 366 day leap year on another report and use the data from each to accurately create a 20 year projection, but most incentive programs require a single report and won't accept post-simulation calculations. This is of course assuming a 365.25 day meteo file is available.



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0.25 is less than 0.1% of one year. ...did you already check the accuracy of the meteo data and the transposition method you use? ... Most probably it will exceed 0.1% * operating years by far. Additionally a more conservative prediction is always preferred (due to my experience).

And finally: although one full orbit may have ~365.25 days....one year still has 365 days with 24 hours each, so the "missing" 1/4th day will not really appear in a database, it will probably "falsify" somehow the hourly values as there will be a time shift, which will increase and in year four will be set to zero again.

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