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PAN File Discrepancy with Imp*Vmp Causing Warning


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I have a PAN file in which Pnom does not match Vmp*Imp with a discrepancy of 0.75%. The parameters match the datasheet, however. Does this have any effect on the simulation apart from calculating the performance ratio? I dont typically use it for anything, I am only concerned with specific production and the energy estimate.


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The Imp and Vmp values are used for establishing the one-diode model. Therefore they affect the PV production of the simulation.

Now manufacturers use to take the positive sorting into account by altering the definition of Imp and Vmp. If you account for the positive sorting in the "Module Quality Loss" factor, you will account for this gain twice.

Choosing one or the other option is your choice. PVsyst tries to stay coherent and relies to the PNom value for the "official" module efficiency.

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