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Shed Misalign


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This is indeed a great feature that will really help when designing large ground-mount arrays.

Until PVsyst implements this feature, I found a work-around (not perfect, but when you have 10,000 modules, every little bit helps to save time).

First, I use the image overlay to create a polygonal zone that follows the site-boundaries.

Then I manually enter the dimensions and row-pitch of one PV module table (let's say a table of 4 strings stacked on top of each other - depends on your project). Then I ask PVsyst to populate the zone with these tables.

If your angled border is on the right, you can specify that the population will start on the right side. This will give you automatically the angled site-boundary distribution.

What's now left to do it "fix" the tables along the other end of the site, which will not conform to the design very well.

Sometimes this really helps me save time.

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Thank you SE2015 for your answer, as it is the only way to do it right now in PVsyst.

But we implemented a new feature for the next major version (6.60) : it will allow users to fill a zone with tables which will automatically fill their row.

This means that each row will only contain one table which will be stretched.

Attached is a screenshot of the result.


PVsyst zone filled with auto-length

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