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Helios3D export with tracker system


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Good morning,

The new Helios3D version has the option of working with tracker systems.

I would like to know if PVsyst can read and consider properly the exported 3D scene from Helios3D with the trackers design.

Would PVsyst recognize the trackers on the scene and their right position or it will "read" them as a fixed tilt design?

My PVsyst version is 6.41.

Many thanks for any help about this.

Kind Regards

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Dear AlexMR,

There is currently no support for importing tracking systems from Helios3D into PVsyst.

Several users asked for this compatibility, so we are aware that this would be great.

But this requires us to work with Helios3D to update the H2P file format to support it, and this takes time.

We have no plans to develop it really soon, but this is something we consider on a mid-term basis.

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