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SHD file format


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I work with both PVsyst and AutoCAD for PV system design/development. I was wondering if 1) anyone had created a program to convert from the DXF file format to the SHD file format so I could import the work done in AutoCAD directly to PVsyst for shading analysis or 2) if no program existed, if it was possible to get the SHD file forma description - i.e. what is needed to create an SHD file that is readable by PVsyst.

I have successfully modified an existing SHD file to create other PV array sheds and inverters outside of the PVsyst program and imported the file back into PVsyst, but there are fields in the PVObject descriptor segments that are not described anywhere.

Thanks for the help and information.

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Importing DXF files is not yet possible in PVsyst.

The *.SHD files are meant for internal use, not for public modifications.

You can sometimes modify something with some success, but the format has a strict structure suited for the internal organization in PVsyst.

It is closely related to the object's defined in the 3D scene and their interactions. It is not possible to describe it in a simple way, and we don't intend to do so.

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