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Cloud simulation


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Hello Everyone,

I am currently working on a 5MWp PV plant and I am in between 2 setups. The one offers 6 MPPTs for the whole PV array, and the other one offers one MPPT per string (1032 in total). So, my question is whether the PVsyst simulation takes into account clouds that cross the field?

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The difference between Central and distributed inverters is not quite clear.

An eventual cloud effect difference is probably completely negligible, as the mismatch between strings under different irradiances (different currents) is very low.

In the present time, PVsyst doesn't show any difference between these 2 options, except if you carefully specify the DC wiring losses in each configuration.

A difference may perhaps occur because of a mismatch due to the string's lengths in central configuration. This problem is under investigation.

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