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How can I simulate "Mixed #2 and #3"?


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Hi, apologies if this question has been asked before.

I'm currently trying to model an as-built system design into a PVsyst project that has 3 different orientations and 3 inverters (2x 60kW, 1x 30kW). The way the system was stringed together involves Inverter #1 & Inverter #2 to have strings on both Orientation #1 and Orientation #2, which isn't an issue to model in the current version of PVsyst being able to select "Mixed #1 and #2" in the System Input parameters under Orientation for the given sub-array. However, the problem arises when I need to be able to incorporate the fact that the 3rd Sub-array has a mixed orientation as well, except on Orientation #2 and Orientation #3. Is there any way around this issue, or am I missing something? With these inverters having multiple-MPPT capabilities, how would I be able to outline an inverter's strings in different (multiple) orientations other than just Orientation #1 and #2, possibly even in 2+ orientations?

Also, in the case that this is just not yet implemented, do you have any tips/suggestions on how I would be able to model this equivalently in the meantime?


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