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LID versus Module Warranty Degradation


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Solarworld is claiming in the warranty that the degradation of the module in year 1 will be guaranteed to stay above 97% and then they guarantee an annual degradation of 0.7% there after.

Does this include LID (light induced degradation) in the numbers?

In PYSYST there are separate tabs for LID and for Module Degradation. Should I use 3% in year 1 and 0.7% thereafter under the "Degradation" Tab, and assume this includes LID????

Or do I need to include a LID of 2% on top of the 3% in year 1 and 0.7% thereafter???

My gut tells me that I have to include both, but I don't want to double stack degradation and misrepresent the losses.......HELP PLEASE

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