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Far Shading and Near Shading Diagram in Report


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I had some questions about the data collected in hourly format and the corresponding lines on the far shading diagram, with the horizon file imported from Meteonorm and using unlimited sheds. So it looks like Image 1. And Image 2 shows the data collected hourly for December 22. Image 3 shows what each parameter stands for.

I would like to ask how we read those 20% and 40% shadow loss lines. And how can I get that loss percentage using the hourly data? Are those the right variables to read? Also, if I am reading this correctly, between 10h and 13h, we should not have any shadow loss since the December 22 line is above the Shading limit line (short-dot line). Is this correct? If so, why does the hourly data show some loss?

I have gone through a lot of online research and honestly cannot find a simple/clear explanation so I would really appreciate an explanation on this forum.

Image 1: Capture2.thumb.PNG.4c13f8736e28d9fc8c10bd554f7bac70.PNG


Image 2: Capture1.PNG.bfd48f133c45e4ef84d2a4d1c32c629f.PNG


Image 3: Capture.PNG.f7170eaec4bd433aeeddc5e634b9f17a.PNG


Thank you for the replies

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