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Bug when simulating 4 orientations and 4 subsystems

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There seems to be a bug in PV-Syst V6.46 when using 4 orientations and 4 subsystems.

I have defined the following orienations under 'Orientation':

Orient#1: 2.0° -150°

Orient#2: 2.0° 30°

Orient#3: 2.0° -60°

Orient#4: 2.0° 120°

In 'System' I have defined 4 subsystems.

Subsystem 1 has Orient#1, Sybsystem 2 has Orient#2, ...

All Subsystems have the same inverter model and PV-module.

I have also defined a 3D shadow model (in 'Near shadings definition').

In the 3D shadow model I have used the same 4 orientations as defined under 'Orientation'.

Furthermore I have made sure that the PV active surface in the 3D model corresponds with the amount of modules defined in 'System'.

So far so good.

I then run a standard simulation.

But when I look in the simulation report, I always see on page 1, that the Tilt/Azimuth for Subarray#4 with Orient#4 is 0° Tilt and 0° Azimuth.

Although this was defined as Tilt 2.0° and Azimuth 120°.

When I close the report and go back to PV-Syst, I see under 'Orientation' the following tilts and azimuths:

Orient#1: 2.0° 30°

Orient#2: 2.0° -60°

Orient#3: 2.0° 120°

Orient#4: 0° 0°

It's like all orientations have shifted 1 place up and that Orient#4 has been given tilt 0° and azimuth 0°.

No matter how many times I reset all orientations correctly and reperform the simulation, the orientations alwas kept being reset.

Is there a way to fix this?

Best regards,


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