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How to position PV tables on ground object


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I am trying to model a fixed tilt, Megawatt-scale PV system on complex terrain. For this, I thought I should create a ground object and somehow position the PV array on this object. I have tried multiple times unsuccessfully, and was wondering if you could provide more instructions on this (I've looked at the PVsyst help already).

The attached file shows a screenshot of a test case I'm doing: I created a simple ground with a constant North-South slope. I also created a "PV tables as sheds" object and put them in the same area in the X-Y plane. When I hit "Tools -> Position tables on scene", this doesn't place the sheds at the Z height of the ground, and doesn't change the shed-to-shed slope along North-South, as I would expect it to.

Could you please provide some instructions for placing tables on ground? Or else, indicate the best way of modeling arrays in complex terrain.

Best regards,


(Note: I can send a .shd file by email if helpful - the attachments here did not allow me to attach a file with a ".shd" extension)


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What I have done is created a ground object to reflect terrain conditions (hills, slopes, etc), and then created a zone on top. When you fill the zone with modules, they will be placed onto the ground object. You may need to select "place tables on scene". If you have certain parameters to adjust like frame size and module spacing, you will want to adjust these in hidden parameters first.
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